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Freedom Seekers Series

by Lois Walfrid Johnson

From the golden age of steamboats, the rush of immigrants to new land, and the dangers of the Underground Railroad, come true-to-life stories of a never-give-up family you'll want to know.

In 1857, when rivers were the highways of the time, Libby, her father Captain Norstad, Caleb, Jordan, and their friends faced life-and-death questions still crucial today:

The Freedom Seekers series weaves together fictional characters with carefully researched people who lived or were known in 1857. Each novel stands alone but is best read in sequence to see the growth of characters and relationships. A new character, Peter, who is deaf, joins the Christina family in the fourth book.


Study guides and other educational helps in each novel.


Escape into the Night
Book 1 Now Available!

#1 Escape into the Night

Libby's life changes drastically when she comes to live on the steamboat Christina. Though rich in material things, she recognizes her emotional poverty when she discovers the secret and dangerous work of 14-year-old Caleb, a conductor in the Underground Railroad.

Questions about the series from a reader in Switzerland:

Hi, our oldest daughter is very fascinated by your books (so are her parents!!) Unfortunately we didn't get your riverboat adventures series. Will there be a reprint? Do you know any other way we could get the books here in Switzerland?
Blessings, Guido

LOIS HERE: YES! The Riverboats are coming out under a new series title--the Freedom Seekers. Along with the very exciting story, each novel will have study questions and helps for educators at the end of every book.

Thanks to all of you who have asked, and asked, and asked for these novels because you love them so much. There's a newness in how we're doing them--not only in the illustrations and the publisher, but also because of the way we think about what freedom means to every one of us, no matter where we live. Let's give a shout-out to the folks in beautiful Switzerland!

And let's travel back to 1857. There's a steamboat a-comin'! A cliffhanger at the end of every chapter! Can the fugitive slave, Jordan, possibly escape through the Underground Railroad?

And now, Guido, you can start ordering Freedom Seeker books from this website.

Race for Freedom
Book 2 Now Available!

#2 Race for Freedom

A suspicious man boards the Christina, and Caleb and Libby know that the fugitive slave Jordan risks capture by his cruel owner. Then Elsa, a newfound immigrant friend, faces illness and possible death. As the Christina enters an historic steamboat race, what does it mean to really win? And how can Libby, Caleb, and Jordan go beyond fear to act in courage?

Midnight Rescue
Book 3 Now Available!

#3 Midnight Rescue

Proud and determined, Libby thinks she can do whatever she sets out to do. Instead, runaway horses, an escaped convict, and a broken log raft get in the way. As Jordan makes plans to rescue his family from slavery, Libby gives away a life-or-death secret.  What will happen to Jordan's family and the people who risk their lives in the Underground Railroad?

Race for Freedom
Book 4 Now Available!

#4 The Swindler's Treasure

"Sometimes there's a cost to doing the right thing," says Captain Norstad after standing up to a swindler. But the cost is high—the possible loss of his steamboat. Then a theft threatens Jordan's reputation. As the Christina's family faces desperate times, a deaf child named Peter joins them. What does it mean to work for what they believe when facing fear on every side?

Race for Freedom
Book 5 Now Available!

#5 Mysterious Signal

"I want to be safe," Libby thinks, but faces a sacrifice she dreads. Dangerous men threaten Jordan, his father, and Peter. Can they find a mysterious signal and reach a safe house in time? Can the friends escape a steamboat accident to pay off a loan and save the Christina? In a time when Libby no longer believes in her own value, can she and the others work together to win?

Race for Freedom
Book 6 Now Available!

#6 The Fidler's Secret

In the midst of Libby's matchmaking attempts to bring together her widowed father and Annika, a gifted violinist boards the Christina. As Jordan wonders about the possibility of his family living in Minnesota Territory, the Freedom Seekers face mysteries on every side. Can the Christina possibly escape a dangerous ice storm? Who stole the fiddler's treasured violin? Where is Annika? And what is the fiddler's secret?


Celebrate your heritage and freedoms in a new way. Join the Freedom Seekers!



Discover the excitement of steamboat, immigrant, and Underground Railroad history told in a way that brings alive the freedoms sought by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.


What others are saying about Lois and the Freedom Seekers Series

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen:

Learning about something that happened 150 years ago typically does not appeal to young adults. Through the Freedom Seekers series, Lois Walfrid Johnson finds a way to change that. Intertwining fictional characters with real-life people and critical moments in American history, she creates novels certain to catch the attention of readers, and then leaves them wanting to read and learn more.

Johnson does an incredible job of bringing us into the lives of the American people in 1857. These adventure-filled, educational books should be read by young adults everywhere.

Bill Ingebrigtsen
Minnesota State Senator and former Douglas County Sheriff



Randy Alcorn:

Lois Walfrid Johnson writes stories kids love. When they were young, my daughters read her Freedom Seekers books, and really enjoyed them. These are stories that not only entertain, but call children to conviction, courage and Christ-centered living. I highly recommend Lois and these excellent books.

Randy Alcorn, author of Deception, The Treasure Principle, and Heaven



Great for classrooms and homeschooling.



I've used Escape into the Night in my classroom for many years and am thrilled to see the new Freedom Seekers edition coming out with study guides. My students have always enjoyed the well-developed characters and engaging storylines. As a teacher I have appreciated the historical accuracy and timeless spiritual truths.

Jocelyn Anderson, Our Redeemer's Christian School, Minot, ND


It's difficult to find a series of books written for a variety of age groups with both boys and girls and yet remain historically accurate. Mrs. Johnson has succeeded in doing so in the Freedom Seekers series. Set in a geographic area that runs north and south, she describes weather conditions and topographical features which impacted the daring adventures of the main characters, their clothing, and even their food.

While developing the character of Peter, Mrs. Johnson visited with students at the Illinois School for the Deaf, including students in my classroom. We compared and contrasted the life of Peter to their lives. After all, Peter could have stood in our classroom! Often children become a lifelong reader, simply because they relate to a character in a book. My students related to Peter, not only because he was deaf, but because he had so much more in common with them.

Kathleen Cook, Illinois School for the Deaf, Jacksonville, IL


About using the Viking Quest series and the novels now called The Freedom Seekers:

I want to thank you on behalf of my class and their families for your wonderful books. I teach a reading class at a homeschool co-op in Washington State. I can't count how many times the parents of my students have thanked me for the class and told me that their child never enjoyed reading like they do now. They have to hold their children back from reading ahead of the others! So many families who are not in my class have begun to read your books. We may have started an epidemic, and one that I am happy to be a part of!

I hope you have more books on the horizon. Your fans here in Gig Harbor, Washington will be on the lookout for them!

MaryAnn King



Cliffhangers sure to keep your reader reading.


Children, teens, and families:

Your books have encouraged me in trusting in God more and more. Your characters, especially Libby Norstad, Caleb Whitney, and Jordan Parker, sound just so realistic! I sometimes wish that they were real!!!!!! I like how you introduced a new character [Peter] in the 4th book. It kept the story even more exciting than it is!

S., Texas


After I read one of your books I often end up asking myself, Would I have helped slaves or not? I have come up with an answer. I would help them because all people are equal and have the right to be free in the sight of God.

C. B., Kentucky


We love how you incorporate biblical principles into your stories. When Caleb trusts God and Libby struggles in the same areas we do, it shows us that through God we can overcome every obstacle, because He is our light and our salvation.

C. Family, Ohio



Summing it up:

Lois Walfrid Johnson asks the right questions. When a bad law contradicts God's higher law how do we stand on our Constitutional privileges for what is wise and just? Her Freedom Seeker novels point the way to living with courage.